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We prepare your students for college and help them write winning college apps

At The Success Company, our mission is to transform individuals into driven, productive, and college ready students. Our programs are designed to help your school's administration achieve their college prep goals.

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Whether your students are in 9th grade and just stating the journey or in 12th grade and have apps due soon, we are here to guide them to success.

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College Prep Program development

Let's face it, with everything you have going on as an Administrator, it can be tough to devote enough energy to college prep. We are here to fix that.

We leverage our extensive experience and focus on:

  • Building an entirely new college prep program from scratch

  • Designing a 4 year (9th-12th) Academic, extracurricular and habit development strategy for your high school

  • Allocating the right resources to college admissions

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Competitive College Candidate

For Middle & High School Students

College prep is about a lot more than essays and apps. Many times, schools do not encourage students to focus on college until 11th grade - by then, it is too late. We have courses, programs and full engagements to help your students fully prepared and college ready. 

We help students:

  • Develop a college plan in 8th/9th grade 

  • Track goals and milestones

  • Learn time management

  • Build healthy habits 

  • Learn dynamic leadership skills

  • Develop your skills & passions

University Building

College App Workshops

For High School & Community College Students

We offer various programs to help bolster your school's existing college prep efforts

College Apps Masterclass:

A five-month course to help you brainstorm, outline, draft, and craft winning college applications.

College Apps Bootcamp

A three-day intensive bootcamp to help you develop an application strategy and craft essays that will highlight your accomplishments and unique interests.


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