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Young Ambition

This course is for all of the proactive parents that have requested curriculum for their elementary school students! 

What if children had the tools they need to be successful before they reached high school?

It would probably save parents a whole lot of heartache. We have had countless parents request curriculum for their younger children because they want to be proactive about building healthy habits and strengthening their child's foundation. This course is for all of those families that want their child to hit the ground running. 

During the four week Young Ambition Program, students will learn:
  • All about habit development

  • How to focus and pay attention

  • Time management

  • Confidence-building

  • How to strengthen their reading, writing, and critical thinking skills

  • Presentation and speaking skills

  • Techniques for managing stress and anxiety​

  • Study strategies

Students will learn each of these skills through the Success Company Curriculum,  a series of modules that build on one another. Students will also concurrently work on the Big Project, an opportunity to pursue their own interests and design a project that demonstrates their learnings in action. 

All Young Ambition enrollees will receive:
  • The Original Success Curriculum including:

    • Detailed modules that systematize each building block of success​

  • 12 hours of live training 

  • Monthly live webcasts to answer questions and check progress

  • Monthly phone check-ins with parents

  • A goal and habit tracker​ to measure progress 

  • The Ultimate Guide to Helping Your Child Manage Their Time and Achieve a Balanced Life e-Book

  • Access to all recorded virtual workshops 

  • Priority access to Success Coaches

  • Discounted rates for future Success Company programs

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