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As the children of immigrants, we had to navigate the entire high school and college system ourselves. It was overwhelming - we needed to build productive habits, figuring out how to prepare for the SAT, join the right clubs, apply to college, and get a job all on our own. 


While we didn’t have the guidance, the systems, and the strategies to achieve success – we had the ambition. Eventually, we noticed a problem – there are tons of families who have ambition but lack a roadmap, and some who don’t have ambition or a very clear roadmap at all. That’s when we decided to start SuccessCo (formerly mPower). We're passionate about helping families and making college admissions more accessible.


We focus on students in middle school and high school and take a different approach to learning. Before you can bring home A's, you need to have the right foundations. That's where we come in. We've developed a unique curriculum that focuses on cultivating motivation, discipline, time management, energy management, study strategies, and a lot more. Then we layer on the fun stuff: practical reading, writing, math, and SAT skills.


We round it all off with helping students in the final step of that journey - whether that is applying to college, finding a job, or just trying to live their best life. We have now worked with hundreds of families, edited thousands of college essays and delivered amazing results to all of our clients.

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We have developed tried and tested strategies that have helped our students achieve amazing results. From guiding depressed students to finding their calling, to helping students refocus their energies from video games to early morning studying, we instill motivation and drive into our students and construct a roadmap that fits their strengths and unique characteristics.

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Shahryar graduated from the UC Berkeley Haas School of Business and served as the External Affairs Vice President of UC Berkeley's student government.  He is an experienced speaker, mentor, and coach.

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Sadia is a UC Berkeley alumna and former Student Regent on the UC Board of Regents. She is a seasoned speaker, writer, and mentor and has guided hundreds of students as they pursue their dreams. 

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