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Does your student need help creating a personalized academic roadmap, finding and choosing extracurriculars and internships, and creating a strong college applicant profile?

We can help. We’ve worked with hundreds of families and know what it takes to get students into college.

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Do you find yourself asking your child to take a break from TikTok at the dinner table? Maybe even wake up before 11 AM on a weekend and study?


We know what habits it takes to be a top performer in high school. We will work with you to replace their bad habits with great ones that will last long past high school.


Are you unfamiliar with today's high school system? Does your child need help choosing their classes and boosting their GPA?


Let’s work together to come up with a step by step academic plan for your student and map out all four years to optimize their chances at gaining admission to the best universities.


Do you make your kids “volunteer” at the creek or hospital and then get them a certificate to prove they did it? Do you enroll them in random camps every year hoping that something will stick?


Let’s come up with a clear, intentional extracurricular strategy based on your student's passions and interests.

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